5 things That a Good Real Estate Agent Will do to Sell Your Property

When you think of selling your house, many of you may be in a tight deadline. You think of hiring an agent to sell your home but also worry about the money you are going to spend which is typically 4% to 6% of the home’s selling price. You should select the agent carefully so that you can sell your house at a good price. A good real estate agent will do the following things for you.

Recommend the proper listing price

Agents usually have access to information on sales of comparable homes. They can suggest a list price which they think would attract buyers to buy the home. The sellers will try to place a high price on your house, as their commission will be more in that case. But if it’s low, you must understand that the price is realistic, or the agent is trying to attract buyers.

Helps you to prepare the house for sale

The agent will give you lots of advice on how to make your house look good in front of the buyers. The agent can recommend you to renovate your home or de-clutter it to make it look more impressive.

Advertise the property for sale

The agent will advertise your property and make sure that many prospective buyers know about your house. They will have the house photographed, write ad copy and advertise the house by posting online as well. They will send out flyers so that people know about your house. They will also show the house around to prospective buyers.

Ensure that buyers get proper disclosures

In most states, the sellers need to disclose if there is any major problem with the house; for example, leaky roofs or problems with walls, etc. The agent will inspect the house and give advice to the seller regarding the disclosure rules.

Review and negotiate the deal

The agent will advise regarding the marketing, price, etc. of the house. They will negotiate on prices and terms on behalf of the seller to ensure that the seller gets the best deal.

Good property agents will work hard to earn the commission. They will save your time and energy and help you to sell your house quickly.